Spain Shaken By Terrorist Threat

Spain is reeling tonight after another bomb was found under the track of the line from Madrid to Seville; it is now confirmed to be the same explosive material as was used by the Islamofascists in the March 11 bombings.
After that discovery, Spanish police closed in on a group of fascists holed up in an apartment building in a Madrid suburb. The terrorists “spotted the police from a window and shot at them, chanting loudly in Arabic.” The terrorists didn’t wait to be arrested; they blew themselves up, killing one policeman and wounding fifteen others. At least three terrorists were killed.
The photo below shows the aftermath of the blast.
In the wake of the March 11 bombings, the Spanish people chose dishonor by electing al Qaeda’s candidate as Prime Minister. It is now dawning on them that by choosing dishonor, they have not succeeded in avoiding war. Seems to me there is a precedent for that somewhere.


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