More “Nuance” from Kerry

This story is actually a day old, but is still worth noting if you haven’t seen it. While campaigning in Michigan, Iron John Kerry criticized President Bush for scrapping the tariffs on imported steel that he had imposed eighteen months earlier. However, when asked whether, given that criticism, he would re-impose the tariffs if elected, Kerry answered…No:

Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry said Monday the White House should not have scrapped steep tariffs on foreign-made steel last year — but would not put them back in place if he is elected.
Kerry, speaking to about 17 reporters from political battleground states on both sides of the matter, said he supported the tariffs because “under the circumstances, it was an important grabbing-air moment.”
“I wouldn’t re-impose them, but I would have let them play out the way they were promised,” he said. “Once you put them in place, people have expectations. … And if you, all of a sudden, upset that, you’re really wreaking havoc in the market.”

First of all, what in the world is a “grabbing-air moment”? Must be a French expression.
This reminds me a little of the Democrats after 1994, when they derided the Contract With America as the “Contract On America” and denounced Newt Gingrich far and wide as an extremist. However, when asked which provisions of the Contract they intended to repeal if and when they regained the majority, the Democrats–knowing that all of the Contract’s measures were very popular–answered, “None.”
Kerry is rapidly moving beyond our ability to parody him.


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