Jimmy’s devils

Former President Jimmy Moonbat Carter sounds remarkably like former Malaysian President Mahathir Mohammed in the Houston Chronicle’s report on Carter’s post-birding trip comments:

“The prime source of animosity towards the United States is the lack of progress in dealing with the Palestinian issue,” Carter said, adding that past U.S. administrations since Harry Truman’s have maintained a “balanced position” in dealing with the rights of the Arab population within the Jewish nation.
“The present administration has not done so at all. We have been exclusively committed to the policies of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Israel, and have made no effort to try to have a balanced negotiating position between Israel and the Palestinians,” Carter said.
Carter, who brokered the historic 1978 Camp David accords that led to peace between Israel and Egypt, noted that President George H.W. Bush threatened to halt foreign aid when Israel began building settlements in Palestinian territory.
“In the meantime, of course, the Israelis have established hundreds of settlements all over Palestinian land with no critical comment ever coming from the present Bush administration,” Carter said.

The Chronicle article is “Former President Carter takes president to task.” (Courtesy of No Left Turns and Steve Hayward.)


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