Democrats determined to strike…

inside the Unied States. More precisely, Democrats are determined to strike President Bush inside the United States. The strike is imminent, following up on recent attacks via the 9/11 Commission.
The pending strike on President Bush will capitalize on the PDB memo entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike Inside the United States” and will reiterate the theme that President Bush is responsible for failing to prevent 9/11. The ammunition for the pending strike has been loaded: “Al Qaeda threat included in Bush memo”:

The so-called presidential daily briefing, or PDB, delivered to Bush on Aug. 6, 2001 – a month before the Sept. 11 attacks – said there were various reports that Osama bin Laden had wanted to strike inside the United States as early as 1997 and continuing into the spring of 2001, the sources told The Associated Press.

The AP story does its best to confuse the issue in the following paragraph by describing intelligence information not provided to Bush:

The same month as that briefing of Bush, U.S. intelligence officials received two uncorroborated reports suggesting terrorists might use airplanes, including one that suggested al-Qaida operatives were considering flying a plane into a U.S. embassy, current and former government officials said.

The Washington Post has wheeled out the big Bob Woodward cannon to put an exclamation point on the proposition: “August memo focused on attacks in U.S.” The proposition being, of course, that if only Bill Clinton had still been president, or Al Gore had been elected president, or John Kerry were to be elected president — 9/11 would have been prevented. Isn’t it obvious?
HINDROCKET adds: Do you suppose that when Kerry reads the soon-to-be-released PDB, he’ll change his mind and tell us the threat of terrorism isn’t “exaggerated” after all?


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