Ben-Viniste shows why Gorelick should resign

Hugh Hewitt, in his Weekly Standard column, serves up a brilliant piece about 9/11 commission hatchet man Richard Ben-Veniste. Hugh explains how, during yesterday’s hearings, “Ben-Veniste threw a knife at John Ashcroft and hit Jamie Gorelick between the shoulders.” This occurred when Ben-Veniste raised the paranoid theory that John Ashcroft had stopped flying commercial airplanes prior to September 11 (a charge that Ashcroft blew away), and tried to justify this execrable line of questioning by arguing that the Warren Commission’s failure to pursue every claim led to decades of suspicion about its findings and endless conspiracy theories. Hugh then asks, “what greater conspiracy can there be than for one of the potentially responsible parties to September 11 to be sitting in judgment on the root causes of the attack?” Clearly, for the sake of the 9/11’s commissions credibility, Ben-Viniste should take advantage of the next of his many television appearances to demand Jamie Gorelick’s resignation.


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