Hewitt strikes again

Air Force JAG Captain Wendy R. “Whiskey” Whitt writes to advise us that, with the encouragement of Commissioner Hugh Hewitt, she has started her own blog “to represent the JAG viewpoint. I’m now running it under the alias Whiskey at JAG Wire. Please stop by when you get a chance!”
UPDATE: Our Northern Alliance colleague Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters has taken a look at the site and reviews Capt. Whitt’s first day of work. Ed has more this morning on Kerry and on the oil-for-food scandal as well.
UPDATE 2 and CORRECTION: Capt. Whitt writes to thank us, adding: “BTW, I’m a woman you guys! But don’t expect any feminist musings on my page…” I’ve changed “he” to “she” above.


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