The third Gorelickian oration

In the third oration against Catiline Cicero declared victory. Referring to Rome as “this most fortunate and beautiful city,” he celebrated its escape “from fire and sword, and almost from the very jaws of fate, and preserved and restored to you.”
In this third oration against Jamie Gorelick, the villain persists in her conspiracy with an audacity unknown to Catiline. This morning’s Washington Times reports the painful details in “Gorelick allowed to draft report.”
Cicero is himself the hero of the third oration, the man who exposed Catiline’s conspiracy and saved the republic. Jamie Gorelick is no Catiline; she does not threaten the republic. But she is a disgrace, and her presence on the 9/11 Commission renders it a laughingstock.
Who will play the role of Cicero, mocking her audacity and exposing her collaborators? In today’s oration, Rep. Jack Kingston of Georgia tries out for the part:

“The commission is a reunion of political has-beens who haven’t had face time since ‘Seinfeld’ was a weekly show,” he said. “In their scramble to make the evening news, they’ve turned this grave matter into a get-even-for-Monica investigation


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