Al Gore recommends…

When Al Gore kicks back this weekend and treats himself to the kind of entertainment he deserves after his marvelous appearance yesterday before Move On, he will undoubtedly seek out “The Day After Tomorrow,” Hollywood’s new contribution to the global warming debate.
Gore and Move On have already given the film a four-star rating, calling on Americans to see the film. Gore started promoting the film even before he was provided an advance screening courtesy of his new friends at Fox earlier this week. (See, for example, “Gore stumps for ‘Tomorrow'” and “Gore warns of ‘climate disasater’ while promoting disaster film,” the latter with some great quotes and good links.)
Our friend Steve Hayward reviews the environmental scenario underlying “The Day After Tomorrow” in a column for today’s Tallahassee Democrat: “Global warming film: Serious or silly?” Steve writes:

This movie is beyond preposterous. “The Day After Tomorrow” is to serious environmental thinking about climate change what “Hogan’s Heroes” was to serious representation of World War II prison camp experiences.


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