Americans Say They’re Satisfied, Optimistic

The Washington Times reports on two surveys which indicate that “Americans are optimistic, ‘very satisfied with life’ and have confidence in their public institutions, especially the U.S. armed forces and law-enforcement agencies.
Sixty percent of Americans say they are “very satisfied with life.” Fifty-six percent say their personal situations have improved over the past five years, and 68% expect their situations over the next five years. Both numbers are up compared to a year ago.
There are no significant gender differences in those numbers, but the breakdown by race is interesting. Blacks are more satisfied with whites by an insignificant 1%, but are markedly more optimistic about the future: 86% expect their fortunes to be better in five years, compared to 62% of whites. (Hispanics also came in at 86%.) That says something, doesn’t it, about how out of touch most black “leadership” has become?
The military is the institution in which Americans have the most confidence, at 75%; law enforcement is close behind at 64%. Fifty-two percent have confidence in the Presidency, and 53% in organized religion, but only 30% expressed such confidence in newspapers and television news. Which is hardly surprising, given the disconnect between the all-disaster, all the time orientation of the news and the generally positive and hopeful environment which Americans see around them on a daily basis.


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