Through a glass darkly

The “lonely Republican stranded in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts” who is holding down the fort at N.E. Republican has performed a public service. He has posted the transcript of Tom Brokaw’s D-Day interview with President Bush, highlighting the portions that were deleted from the broadcast of the interview: “Tom Brokaw interviews President Bush.”
N.E. Republican intersperses his own comments on certain of the interview edits and concludes:

Just keep all of this in mind the next time you are watching an interview on TV. It doesn’t surprise me that this happens, but one would think that the President talking about war and peace would get a little more leeway in having his whole answers presented to the American people. Especially since these same elites in the media will be the first to complain that the President doesn’t answer their questions often enough.

Suffice it to say that N.E. Republican has caused me to sustain a setback in my anger management therapy. Those of you who have your ire in check will want to read the whole thing.


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