Mourning in America

Thousands of mourners are standing in line to pay their respects and show their gratitude to our fallen president while his casket is on view in California before it travels to Washington later today. The AP reports: “Crowds wait hours to view Reagan casket.”
The photo below depicts part of the line of mourners stretching approximately 1.5 miles at Moorpark College to board buses that will take them to see President Reagan’s flag-draped casket at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California.
The photo below shows a few of the photos, cards and mementos left by mourners waiting at Moorpark College to board the buses that will take them to see the president’s casket.
Below a girl touches flowers placed amid the flags left in tribute by the mourners waiting at Moorpark College.
Below are a few of the mourners filing past the president’s casket in the rotunda of the library at the rate of 2,000 an hour.
The mourners paying their respects range from the high and mighty to the common folk who recognized their champion despite the best efforts of their presumed betters. Below are two such mourners who salute the president lying in repose.


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