Reagan at work

We believe that our friend Steve Hayward has established himself as the preeminent political historian of the Reagan era. We previously posted Steve’s column on Reagan’s legacy: “Making our best days possible.” The American Enterprise Institute has posted two more of Steve’s columns on President Reagan.
Both of his latest columns provide a glimpse of Reagan at work — first as governor, then as a national figure recasting the New Deal legacy to support conservative causes. Click here for the column (from the San Francisco Chronicle) on Reagan’s entrance onto the political stage as governor; click here for the column (from Newsday) on Reagan’s reworking of the New Deal legacy.
To these recent columns let’s add Steve’s essay/review on Reagan and the Cold War from from the Claremont Review of Books, “Reagan’s triumph,” and his review of the book that selected the best drafts of Reagan’s letters from the thousands of surviving drafts of such letters, also from the Claremont Review, “Correspondent-in-chief.”


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