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Reading the 9/11 staff report made me wonder how Stephen Hayes’ book, The Connection: How al Qaeda’s Collaboration with Saddam Hussein Has Endangered America, is selling. The answer: Not bad. Hayes’ book is currently No. 43 on Amazon’s best seller list, just ahead of Richard Clarke’s tissue of lies and misrepresentations.
The 9/11 staff report is merely a few pages of conclusions that doesn’t bother to address the evidence on Iraq. If you want to know the actual state of our knowledge about the relationships between Iraq and al Qaeda, read The Connection. It would make a great Father’s Day present.
UPDATE: Richard Miniter, author of Losing bin Laden, catalogs some of the facts that were ignored by the 9/11 commission’s staff report in this morning’s New York Post. He also notes something I hadn’t been aware of:

The timing of the final report smells fishy, too: 500,000 copies are due in book stores on July 26


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