The lemmings in Harvard Square

The weekend before last Mrs. Trunk attended the Harvard graduation ceremony in connection with our nephew’s graduation from the college. Kofi Annan gave the commencement address and Mrs. Trunk found that it caused pain in excess of her pain threshold; she walked out on it. Alan Bromley, however, suffered through it on behalf of his daughter and writes about it for OpinionJournal this morning. Now I wish I had attended the graduation so I too could have walked out on Annan’s speech.
The Journal headline writer wittily imputes “The silence of the lemmings” to the audience, but Bromley notes the noisy cheers that greeted Annan’s most stupid remarks. And it was the standing ovations Annan received during the speech that drove Mrs. Trunk out of the ceremony. Lemmings, yes; silent, no.
HINDROCKET adds: One thing about lemmings–when they jump over the cliff, they don’t try to take anyone else with them. A key distinction, I think.


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