What is there to say?
Kill the bastards. Here’s a start.
South Korea’s President said more, actually; he apologized to his country:

“I am very sorry and deeply regretful that this tragedy happened, although all the people and the government wished and prayed for the safe return of Mr. Kim Sun-il,” Roh said in a brief speech carried live on television.
The president also condemned terrorism as a “crime against humanity” and pledged his government’s “determination to deal sternly with it together with the international community.”
Roh rejected the kidnappers’ accusation that South Korea’s plan to send 3,000 additional troops to Iraq would hurt Iraqis. The captors had threatened to kill Kim Sun-il, a 33-year-old South Korean working in Iraq, if Seoul did not cancel the deployment – a demand that South Korea rejected.
“The South Korean plan to send troops to Iraq is not to engage in hostilities against Iraqis or other Arab people but to help reconstruction and restoration in Iraq,” he said.

So far, the South Koreans seem solid in their support for the war against Islamofascist terror. Blackfive has more, and a number of veterans have contributed comments. It is fair to say that South Korea’s military is well respected.


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