Whoopi Cushioned From Exposure

The Kerry campaign refused today to make public a tape of last night’s out-of-control fundraiser in New York. However, the campaign did express disapproval of some of the more obscene and offensive elements of the evening’s entertainment:

“The views expressed by the performers were their own views,” campaign Manager Mary Beth Cahill told reporters Friday. “It is not what Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards would say and they don’t approve of some of the comments that have been made.”

That’s not what Kerry and Edwards said last night; they were seen laughing uproariously at Goldberg’s obscenities, and at the conclusion of the event Kerry said that “every performer tonight…conveyed to you the heart and soul of our country.”
The second-most important unknown in this campaign is, I think, whether a large number of Americans will be repelled by the excesses of the Left. Kerry’s backtrack, along with his refusal to let the public see the tape of his event, suggests that he is afraid they might be.


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