The delegates don’t look like America; the speakers don’t look like the delegates

The Washington Times reports that Democratic officials have enraged some of their most loyal supporters by keeping Hillary Clinton from having any significant role at their convention. As things stand now, Ms. Clinton has no speaking role, although she will appear in a segment with the other female Democratic Senators, a segment to be led by Maryland’s Barbara Mikulski. Party officials did find time for Chrisite Vilsack, the wife of Iowa’s governor, who helped John Kerry in Iowa. Bill Clinton, of course, will speak. So will Jimmy Carter and Al Gore.
The Times notes that, according to the DNC, nearly 40 percent of the Democratic delegates are “minorities.” However, the only minorities on the list of speech-givers are Bill Richardson, Rep. Robert Melendez (N.J.), Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (OH), and Barack Obama, candidate for the Senate in Illinois. Obama wasn’t on the original list, but was added as the keynote speaker when it looked like Mike Ditka might run for the Senate. Ditka has since said he won’t run.


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