Talking back to the ICJ

RealClearPolitics has alerted us to two columns on the ICJ opinion finding Israel’s security fence illegal: Saul Singer’s “ICJ to Israel: Drop dead,” and Charles Krauthammer’s “Travesty at the Hague.”
DEACON adds: No one should miss these two pieces. Singer concludes that “Israel has already decided for itself, at the world’s urging, that it cannot diplomatically afford to impose on the Palestinians the kind of utter defeat that the US dealt the regimes of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. The ICJ attempts to go further, denying Israel not just the right to victory, but to self defense.” Krauthammer points out that the Court’s opinion was read by a judge hailing from that paragon of humanitarian restraint, Red China. The U.S. is on notice –submitting to bodies like this will cause us to be judged by thugs who will seek to limit our right of self defense.


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