Angel band

If you’ve been following the efforts to ascertain what happened on Annie Jacobsen’s Northwest Airlines flight on June 29, you know the importance that has been attributed to the possibility that the folks who raised Jacobsen’s concerns were not terrorists, but rather a group of Syrian musicians.
Responding to my call for additional information, one of our our enterprising readers has located a photo of such a group — the group known as Kulna Sawa. For more on the group, check out the Web page devoted to it here. According to the page, “Kulna Sawa would like to reach out to the West, which they feel still does not have a sense of Oriental culture.” Bingo!
NOTE: The reference to Kulna Sawa in the post above is intended to be humorous; no member of Kulna Sawa was on board the Jacobsens’ flight.
UPDATE: Dutch in Atlanta writes to advise that our link took the Kulna Sawa site over its data limit and temporarily shut it down. It appears to be back up. For those in search of more musicians answering to the description of Annie Jacobsen’s band of brothers, another reader has sent us this item from the Beirut Times:

Garden Grove, CA – Transtour Express Proudly Presents Star Singer Nour Mehanna Friday July 2nd 2004 At The Embassy Suites, 11767 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove, Ca 92840 tel. 714-539 3300 Tickets: $100 / $125 / $150 / VIP Including Dinner

The same reader has also forwarded us this link to the ABC story on “the Iraqi Elvis,” and points out the following quotation:

On his latest U.S. tour, al Sahir will be accompanied by a 15-piece orchestra composed of Egyptian, Lebanese, Palestinian, Jordanian and Syrian musicians, many of whom have heard of but never played with the Iraqi musician before.

The reader credits Judicious Asininity for the link.


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