Cheney Visits Minneapolis

Vice-President Dick Cheney visited Minneapolis today; the Associated Press report is here. Cheney delivered a twenty-five minute speech, of which the AP reported a single sentence: “What we’re hearing from the other side is the failed thinking of the past, and we’re not going back.”
Sean Hannity was on hand, along with key officeholders including Governor Tim Pawlenty, Congressmen John Kline and Mark Kennedy, and Senator Norm Coleman, who introduced the Vice-President. Coleman drew an analogy between Cheney and my favorite historical figure, Ulysses Grant:

Coleman compared Bush’s allegiance to Cheney, who some have called a drag on the ticket, with Abraham Lincoln’s faith in Civil War general Ulysses S. Grant. “He was rough at times. He didn’t look so hot in his uniform. He sometimes used a cuss word,” Coleman said of Grant. But he said Lincoln countered critics with, “He fights.”

If the current polling holds up, we’ll be seeing a lot more of the candidates between now and November.
The photo below shows Cheney with Norm Coleman.
UPDATE: Reader John Barnes, author of a book titled Ulysses S. Grant on Leadership, points out that Grant didn’t swear:

Just one objection to Norm Coleman’s invocation of our mutual hero, U.S.Grant. I wrote a book on Grant a few years back, and I must say in all my research I found no evidence that he was fond of blue language. Quite the contrary, actually. In all of Horace Porter’s long book, “Campaigning With Grant,” he portrays his boss as losing his temper only twice: once when a teamster mistreated a mule, and once when a soldier cursed in front of a lady. I know of no eyewitness accounts of Grant using four-letter words.


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