Our Favorite Bikini Model Makes a Video

Last spring, we got an email from Gabrielle Reilly, an Australian-born swimsuit model and conservative pundit. We noted her new website here. Our email exchange with Gabrielle delighted our wives but incited an outburst of jealousy from a rival blogger.
We are happy to report that Gabrielle has now written again to say that she has produced a couple of videos in support of Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s re-election campaign. You can view them here; I especially enjoyed the second one. She offers a better defense of the Iraq war than the President’s spokesmen have mustered. I have no idea how widely the videos are being viewed in Australia, but they can only help Howard’s chances.
We would have preferred not to post another photo of Gabrielle, but that just didn’t seem right.
red lingerie_bra_gabrielle_reilly.jpg


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