Gathering of the clan

Our Northern Alliance colleagues at Fraters Libertas have asked us to publicize the following announcement:

An announcement from the Northern Alliance Social Committee:
If you’re a blogger in Minnesota (or anywhere within driving distance of the Twin Cities), we really should get together sometime.
There are a lot of cool people writing blogs – or even just reading them – in the Upper Midwest, and we should definitely try to meet sometime. So the Northern Alliance is throwing a shindig – a non-political, ecumenical one – for bloggers in the area, and we’d like all you bloggers to be there!
Here’s the deal: We’d like to meet at Keegan’s Irish Pub in Northeast Minneapolis, on Saturday, July 24, at 5PM. We’d like to spend a few hours hanging out, meeting other bloggers, and just having some fun. Cash bar? The whole place IS a cash bar! By the way – this is not a “Northern Alliance” event, just a random social thing.
Interested in being there? We’d love to get a headcount. Please drop us a line at party*at*northernallianceradio*dot*com. Tell us who you are and what blog you write, if any. We’ll send the details right back.
Hope to see you all there! Oh – and spread the word among any other bloggers you know!
The Whole Northern Alliance

If you need a special incentive to join the gathering of the blog clan at Keegan’s, take note of the fact that the Fraters guys hold themselves out as beer experts, having rated some 200 brands from around the world. Come watch them put their prowess on display!


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