Our Second-Favorite Democrat

Bipartisanship is usually, as we’ve seen, a one-way street. But a reader notes that today, Mayor Randy Kelly of St. Paul, announced his support for President Bush’s reelection:

“George Bush and I do not agree on a lot of issues,” Kelly said in a statement. “But in turbulent times, what the American people need more than anything is continuity of government, even with some imperfect policies.”
Kelly, who said he’s remaining a Democrat, said the economy is going in the right direction. “There’s no reason to believe a change of course will produce better or quicker results,” he said.
And the mayor said the United States will bring the troops home from Iraq a lot sooner if “we don’t try to bring in a whole new leadership team to run the show. We must stay the course.”

Kelly, of course, follows in the illustrious footsteps of former St. Paul mayor Norm Coleman.
The St. Paul DFL party reacted, I thought, with surprising hostility:

The St. Paul DFL Party said Kelly “has traded the values of St. Paul for the agenda of the Republican Party’s far right.”
“Rather than advocating the needs of St. Paul, Mayor Kelly’s decision to not support John Kerry’s strategy for building our cities does the voters of St. Paul a disservice,” the party said.

BIG TRUNK clarifies: I have previously dubbed Toby Keith “Our second favorite Democrat,” and I don’t think either Rocket Man or I would want to retract that recognition. I’m pretty sure Mayor Kelly will be honored to be recognized as our third favorite Democrat.


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