Kerried Away

Here’s what I missed by not sticking around Milwaukee, as reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“Everything is at stake!” Kerry told thousands of supporters who packed into Pere Marquette Park and lined the opposite side of the river. “Jobs! Health care! Education! Civil liberties! Civil rights! The Constitution! Social Security! Medicare! Our children! The environment! Our future! All of it is on the line.”

He forgot the weather. Teresa has said that if her husband is elected President, the weather will improve. Speaking of Teresa, here was her contribution:

While she was introducing her husband, Teresa Heinz Kerry referred to [a group of Bush supporters’] audible call for “Four more years.”
Said Heinz Kerry, “They want four more years of hell.”

Is hysteria really what the voters are looking for in a Preidential candidate? I guess we’ll find out.


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