Shove it!

The photo of John and Teresa Heinz Kerry posted by Rocket Man below is crying out for entry into a Captain’s Quarters caption contest. Until Captain Ed gets around to it, however, Michelle Catalano has consulted with her sister and posted the result on A Small Victory.
UPDATE: As always, our readers come through. Virginia Randall offers:

1. You grow these things? So you can eat them? Why don’t you just tell the cook what you want to eat?
2. If you want to know what life will be like in a Kerry administration, take these, bend over and….
3. Corn grows as high here as it did it Vietnam. Did you know I was in Vietnam?

And reader Mike Macrae:

I think Teresa’s look is telling…as in “Who knew corn came in funny wrappers and on a built-in stick in the mid-west. Where I’m from it comes pre-cooked and ready to eat. Silly, backward, little people.” As for Kerry, I can only imagine the line was “I voted for corn …before I voted against it.”


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