“Kerry Hires Edwards to Sue DNC Over ‘Bounce'”

Another great Scrappleface headline, introducing this story:

Democrat presidential candidate John Forbes Kerry today announced that he has retained attorney, and running mate, John Edwards to file suit against the Democrat National Committee (DNC) over injuries related to an alleged “post-convention bounce.”
“We had received certain assurances from top DNC officials that this celebration of my client’s nomination would result in a 10-15 point bounce in the presidential preference polls,” said Mr. Edwards during a news conference on the steps of a Boston courthouse. “Bounce implies vigorous upward movement. But my client’s current polling numbers look more like a ‘bump’ or even a ‘dip’.”

Here’s the part I really love, though, which will be appreciated by all who have read the transcript of Edwards’ most notorious closing argument:

“I can hear John Kerry’s popularity calling out to you from somewhere in the darkness,” said Mr. Edwards. “A couple of weeks ago his popularity said, ‘I’m fine.” Just before the convention it said, ‘I’m having a little bit of trouble but I’m doing okay.’ During the convention speech, it said ‘I’m having problems.’ And after the convention John’s popularity said, ‘I need help.’ But help was not on the way.”


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