Apocalypse now!

Last night I wondered here what film loop John Kerry has running in his head in connection with his excellent adventure in Cambodia. I discounted “Apocalypse Now” in favor of “Harvey,” but Glenn Reynolds has done some serious digging and to my satisfaction has proved me wrong. Check out his KERRY/CAMBODIA UPDATE over at Instapundit. May I observe that John Kerry is one weird dude?
DEACON responds: Yes you may. But I’m thinking that the film loop in connection with Kerry’s overall experience in Vietnam may be “Catch 22.” I imagine that the book version was already “seared” into Kerry’s consciousness by the time he went to war. And, if Kerry’s diaries are any guide, he viewed his war in something like the way Yossarian viewed his. Perhaps, as in the movie version, Kerry made it worth the Navy’s while to let him leave early.
UPDATE: Over at Mean Mr Mustard reader Russell Wardlaw has served up the poster for the film loop running in John Kerry’s mind. What can I say? We’re not worthy!


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