The Reynolds report

Glenn Reynolds has performed the research and files his first report of the day:

NOTHING ON THE KERRY/CAMBODIA STORY in either the New York Times or the Washington Post this morning — I just searched both sites. Even though the Kerry Campaign has now admitted that Kerry’s oft-repeated stories about being in Cambodia on Christmas Day, 1968 aren’t true. The Post did find the time to condemn the Swift Boat vets, though, without admitting that one of their charges has already been borne out.
They’re spending another chunk of their diminishing credibility to help this guy. Hope they still think it was worth it in a few years.

I want only to add: Indeed.
At Patterico’s Pontifications Patrick Frey takes a closer look at the Post editorial in “WaPo smears Swift Boat vets.”
Question: What did we do before God created the blogosphere?
UPDATE: Reynolds has added a link to this Daily Telegraph story: “Kerry ‘invented Christmas in Cambodia claim.'”


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