Kerry’s bodyguard of lies

When we last sighted Thomas Lipscomb, we posted one of his ground-breaking New York Sun articles on Kerry’s participation in some of the more exotic proceedings of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Our post with one of Lipscomb’s follow-up stories on the subject is “John Kerry strongarms a vet.” That post is the fruit of Lipscomb’s first exposure to John Kerry’s strongarm tactics.
The Swift boat vets are too numerous to deal with in this fashion, but they’re getting another version of the bully boy tactics that Bill Clinton’s goons turned into an art form. I personally spoke with Lipscomb several times about his Sun stories, and we had him as a guest on our weekend Northern Alliance Radio Network show. His exposure to Kerry’s tactics on the earlier occasion left an impression. The guy is a solid journalist with an impressive record.
Today Lipscomb is back with a terrific column on Kerry and the Swift boat vets: “John Kerry’s bodyguard of lies.” Lipscomb’s column concludes:

[I]t is time for the press to look into the charges brought by the Swiftvets. The Swiftvets have depositions, phone numbers, on the record statements, and for all of the innuendo from the Kerry apparatchiks, not one of the Swiftvets has enjoyed a fancy hotel room paid for by the Bush campaign, much less gone on a campaign tour with the candidate. It is easy to see what the nine Kerry crew members are getting out of their 15 minutes of fame. But what’s in it for the 254 Swiftvets? It is important to answer that question in considering their charges.

(Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)


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