The use and abuse of history for life

Looking to earn some kind of a poltical bronze star, authorized Kerry hagiographer Douglas Brinkley is pulling overtime to come to Kerry’s rescue on the secret mission to Cambodia story. Over at Captain’s Quarters our friend Edward Morrissey has the details: “Christmas in Cambodia, Part VII: Now it’s Fete Du Roi?”
In the event, God forbid, of a Kerry administration, Kerry’s faux JFK will play to Brinkley’s faux Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., who is himself (still) a bastardized version of a real historian. (As for Schlesinger, see the evidence laid out in appalling detail by the late Thomas Silver in his brilliant Coolidge and the Historians.)
UPDATE: Regarding the notion of a polical bronze star for Douglas Brinkley, reader Eric Christopherson writes: “With fig leaf clusters, may one presume?”


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