He is a corrupt American

I watched the resignation of New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey yesterday without knowing the precise factual basis for doubting his bona fides, but I did so by virtue of the resort to identity politcs that was explicit in his announcement.
Now it turns out not only that McGreevey created a high government office for his homosexual lover, but also that McGreevey’s resignation is scheduled to occur effective November 15 and thus circumvent a gubernatorial election to pick his successor. Robert Torricelli is apparently the key to understanding Democratic politics in the Garden State, if not in America at large.
What is one to make of an electorate that is not disgusted by the shenanigans involved in the underlying misuse of the governor’s office as well as the avoidance of an election to pick the governor’s successor? Given the fact that this this is the New York Times account of the story, it is necessary to read between the lines — but you can do it: “Republicans call for McGreevey to resign immediately.”


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