More Deep Weirdness

As regular readers know, I reside in Minnesota but spend relatively little time there. My current home is Milwaukee, where I am again this week. Over the course of the day I noted several stories on which I wanted to post, but my laptop–not mine, actually, but one belonging to my firm–succumbed tonight to the Blue Screen of Death. Raising, once again, the question why anyone would voluntarily buy a Windows-based computer. The laptop, a cute but feeble IBM Think Pad, has now come back to life, so I’ll try to get in a post or two before it keels over again.
We have noted on several occasions the deep weirdness of John Kerry. Like many Democrats of his generation, Kerry seems not to have ever gotten over his youthful infatuation with John Kennedy. In particular, he seems haunted by memories, real or imagined, of the Kennedy brothers’ touch football games. The reason I know this is that I troll Yahoo news photos every day. On good days I find pictures from a beauty pageant, or a truly bizarre photo of Kerry, like the flower power zipper pull pic which the Trunk re-posted earlier today. (Actually, my wife, the extremely cute Mrs. Rocket, noticed the photo and pointed it out, giving rise to one of our most popular posts ever.) But almost every day, I see pictures of John Kerry riding his bicycle–always with his helmet in place–and throwing baseballs and footballs, usually on a runway somewhere. Really, strange as it may seem–almost every single day, the Kerry campaign pauses to give photographers a chance to take pictures of the candidate throwing baseballs and footballs. Never mind that he does this very poorly; recall his embarrassing attempt to throw out the first pitch in a Yankees-Red Sox game, where he threw like a girl from half-way to the pitchers’ mound–I kid you not–bounced the ball in the dirt, and then blamed the National Guardsman who was trying to catch the errant pitch, claiming that he had eased up and lobbed the ball on purpose because the battle-hardened veteran, just back from the war, was so nervous. An eerie echo of Kerry cursing the Secret Service man who supposedly knocked Kerry–who never falls–down while snowboarding.
Anyway, that’s kind of a long windup, but here is a recent photo of John Kerry, throwing a baseball on the tarmac in Long Beach, California, while the Secret Service stands guard, and Kerry’s limo and airplane wait for him to finish the baseball photo-op.
Hard as it may be to believe, there is a serious risk that this bizarro character could be elected President.


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