Enter Doug Regelin

A reader has sent us the link to this guest column by Doug Regelin in the Augusta Free Press: “Veteran shares perspective on Kerry story.” It’s a valuable contribution to the debate:

The new version of Sen. John Kerry’s Cambodia experience is also not true.
Sen. Kerry patrolled from An Thoi on the 94 boat and also from Cat Lo on the 44 boat. There was no way to enter Cambodia from the An Thoi patrol area. That patrol area started at the coastal fishing village of Ha Tien and ran parallel to the Cambodian border, but there was no way into Cambodia. Any good map will show this to be true.
From the Cat Lo patrol area around Sa Dec, it would have been possible for a boat to enter Cambodia, except there were concrete barriers, river-assault group boats and PBRs guarding the entrance.
Anyone entering Cambodia at that location would have known with complete certainty what they were doing.
It just never happened. Sen. Kerry is not being truthful, and it can be easily proven by interviewing his own selected band-of-brothers. The claim that there were so many rivers and canals, and that no one knew where they were, is ludicrous. We had detailed maps and overlays that showed everything right down to movements in fishing stakes.
I drove a swift boat for a year in 1969, and I still remember all the patrol areas.
Also, a single swift boat never went anywhere alone. It would have been way too dangerous. A second cover boat would have gone along. That means the crew of that boat would have also known they were going into Cambodia. Where are the crew members and officer of the cover boat?
Again, it just didn’t happen.
Why has the old media let this slide? Sen. Kerry will say anything if it suits his personal political agenda. His Cambodia lie is just like his atrocity lie when he came back. They served his political purpose when he said them, but neither is true.
I’m not a member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which can be verified. I also will not vote for either Bush or Kerry because I’m anti-war. I don’t think we should be in Iraq. However, I am for the truth.

Our reader credits a commenter at Captain’s Quarters for the lead to the column.


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