We Couldn’t Make This Up

Drudge is reporting that the Kerry campaign is trying to suppress the Swift Boat Vets’ book, Unfit for Command. No details yet, but apparently Kerry is demanding that the book’s publisher, Regnery, withdraw the book from circulation.
This strikes me as completely bizarre. Unfit for Command is now the number one best-seller on Amazon. I suppose the one thing that could sell more copies of the book is Kerry’s effort to ban it. It shows, I suppose, how unhinged the Dems are by the impact the Swift Boat Vets are having. But didn’t they see this coming? Maybe they think their effort to ban the book will emphasize and dramatize their claim that the book is full of “lies.” Again, their timing is unfortunate. With the release of the Vets’ new ad, calling them “liars” really isn’t going to cut it anymore.
I can only surmise that Kerry’s internal polling indicates that the Vets’ impact, among those who have read their book or seen their ad, is nuclear.


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