A few words from our readers

Jess Cariker writes:

I have read several blogs over the past year, and yours is about the only one I continue to read. It is excellent. Keep up the good work. Thanks for providing the link to contribute to the Swift boat vets. I just made a contribution. I can’t praise them enough for trying to bring out the TRUTH about John Kerry.
I commanded a submarine in the Gulf of Tonkin on 18 September 1964 when the third torpedo attacks took place. This was not publicized as much as the August attacks. I felt then that we should get out of Vietnam. I mailed my absentee ballot in for Barry Goldwater that fateful election year. However, once President Johnson committed us to the war, we should have won it.
Jess L. Cariker, Jr. Captain US Navy Retired

Michael Stettner writes:

I want to thank you, especially as a Vietnam veteran (1968-1970), for keeping this important issue alive. Kerry’s recent attacks on the Swift Boat veterans show this issue is about to pop on a more national scale. I believe in the truth and that the truth will always prevail. It takes hard work and courage, however, from people like those in your organization to show our nation that Kerry, Fonda and others of their ilk exploit the ignorant as means of gaining power.

Daniel Aronstein wonders:

Is there an UNDENIABLE pattern here?
Examine the following PARAPHRASES of Kerry’s public pronouncements:
1 – Kerry – “I voted for it before I voted against it.”
2 – Kerry: “Vietnam Vets were vile genocidal war criminals like Genghis Khan…” And, “We’re an heroic band of brothers…”
3 -Kerry: “I will redeploy and reduce troops in Europe and S. Korea.” And, “Bush shouldn’t redeploy or reduce troops in Europe or S. Korea.”
4 – Kerry: “I was MILES inside Cambodia during Christmas ’68, and Nixon lied about it.” And, “Oh, nevermind… I was near Cambodia sometime and doing top secret stuff.”
I argue that this – and innumerable other instances of the same thing – reveals a PATTERN (and it AIN’T “nuance”):
Kerry is a pathological liar who has no principles other than situational self-preservation and self-promotion.
That makes him a man who must not be trusted with the highest office in the land.

And Evangeline sees the hand of God at work:

I guess I’m really getting emotionally caught up in all this. I started bawling when I heard the new Swifties ad…
I am stunned by the brilliance of their campaign. While Kerry is busying himself with the first round, the Swifties send their most devastating second round. And imagine! the TIMING of the new ad coming out on the same day as the New York Times story!!! That can be nothing less than the hand of God working on the side of truth and justice.

I personally think that God is a bit more detached than Evangeline suggests, or the Lord would have smote the Times long ago. But I agree that something’s happening here.
HINDROCKET wonders: “Would have smote?” “Would have smitten?” Beats me. There’s not as much smiting going around as there once was.


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