Plenty of harm, but no foul

While I was away, the strategy of the Kerry campaign and its media supporters with respect to the Swiftvet controversy emerged — ignore the merits of the dispute over Kerry’s service (and thus over his character and veracity), claim that the Bush campaign is behind the Swiftvets, and label the whole thing “another” Republican smear. As part of this strategy, commentators like the insufferable Chris Matthews are invoking the Willie Horton ad run in 1988 by a political action committee that supported the first President Bush. Back then, Matthews argued that the Horton ad tipped the election in Bush’s favor. No one takes this claim seriously anymore, given the popularity and success of the Reagan administration and Dukasis’ strident liberalism and lack of campaigning skill. However, it remains a liberal article of faith that the Horton ad was dirty and racist. Here, I explain the Horton controversy for our younger readers, and show why the ad was accurate in every respect, provided voters with important and relevant information, and was in no way racist.
BIG TRUNK adds: Thanks to the readers who wrote in to point out that Deacon’s link was broken. I have linked to the post I think Deacon intended.


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