When Angry Democrats Attack

Under the creative leadership of our friend Ron Eibensteiner, the Minnesota Republican Party has become one of the best-run, most effective state parties in the country. (Naturally, the Democrats, in their typically jackbooted style, have responded to Ron’s effective leadership by inducing a hack DFL county attorney to criminally prosecute him on an absurdly bogus campaign finance charge.)
This morning Ron unveiled a new website, When Angry Democrats Attack, devoted to exposing the hateful face of the contemporary Democratic Party. Ron says:

With no positive agenda to offer voters, Democrats have resorted to an endless chorus of shrill attacks on the President. We will use the ‘When Angry Democrats Attack’ website to expose the true face and nature of the Democrat Party that has become unhinged.

The website shows Democrats in action, protesting various campaign appearances by President Bush and others in their inimitable, obscene style. Check it out, but be warned; viewing Democrats gone mad is not for the faint of heart, or for those who are used to decent language and rational discourse.


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