Gettin’ to Kerry

Binyamin (at the oasis of sanity known as the Jewish World Review) has written to draw our attention to Jack Kelly’s column today on John Kerry’s bogus jurney: “The Swifties are gettin’ to Kerry.” Kelly concludes that the exposure of John’s bogus journey is “a triumph also for the blogosphere [in addition to the Swifties], which reported on a story the major media were trying to bury. Congratulations to Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit), Ed Morrissey (Captains Quarters), John Hinderaker, and Scott Johnson (Power Line), Hugh Hewitt and many others for doing the job ‘mainstream’ journalists are supposed to do, but wouldn’t.”
Kelly’s biographical tag indicates that he is a former Marine and Green Beret and was a deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force in the Reagan administration. Binyamin adds that JWR often runs Kelly’s column before Kelly’s paper (the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette). Thanks both to Binyamin and to Kelly.
See also Joshua Muravchik’s Washington Post (!) column on John’s bogus journey, “Kerry’s Cambodia whopper,” and top it off with two columns on the internal contradictions of Kerryism: John O’Sullivan’s “Why those Swfit boaters want Kerry to sink” and Rich Lowry’s “Kerry vs. Swift boat vets, part II.” Lowry writes:

Kerry is taking an enormous risk in basing his Swift Boat defense on a lie — that the Swift Boat veterans are an arm of the Bush campaign. This is a civil war between Vietnam vets, one group of which is not going to forget what Kerry said about them 35 years ago. In 1971, Kerry said, “We wish that a merciful God could wipe away our own memories of that service [in Vietnam].” He owes the country an explanation of why, sometime between then and his need for footage for a campaign biography film, he changed his mind.


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