It’s a Glamorous Life

I think that was a song by Sheila E., or somebody, in the 1980’s. Lately I’ve been leading the glamorous life of a media celebrity, one of only 20 bloggers selected to report on the Republican National Convention. I’ve given a number of interviews and have generally felt like I was on the proverbial “cutting edge.”
This morning I got a call from a reporter who was on her way to New York to cover the convention. I said I would be happy to do an interview after I arrive there, and gave her my cell phone number. She said that she wanted more than an interview; she wanted to follow me around for a day and write a story about what I do.
This provoked peals of laughter in my office. The idea that anyone could find my day interesting is, admittedly, novel. I’m afraid this may be one story idea that winds up on the cutting room floor.
So, how does a media celebrity spend his Friday night? Sad to say, with the able assistance of my wife and youngest daughter, I cleaned our pet parrot’s cage. Fortunately, she’s only a parrotlet. Photos of the pre-cleaned cage are embargoed as not suitable for the faint of heart.
I’ll be reporting from the convention, starting Monday, and will try to be less boring than my co-workers expect.


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