A Day at the Fair

The Northern Alliance Radio Network broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair today. It was a lot of fun; we sat outdoors, in front of the Patriot studio on the fairgrounds, and a considerable crowd of people enjoyed the show. This was the day we had challenged Jim Boyd, assistant editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, to debate John Kerry’s excellent Cambodian adventure and his slanders of us in response to an article we wrote in the Strib on the subject.
We didn’t expect Boyd to show up, notwithstanding the hundreds of emails he received from Power Line readers encouraging him to participate in a fair debate rather than a hit and run smear. We had a chair ready for him, just in case:
As the Trunk has already noted, Boyd ducked us. We beat up on him pretty thoroughly during the show, but we’re done with him. From now on, the only place we’re going to see Boyd is in our rear-view mirror. We have more readers than he does.
The photo below shows the first-hour crew: from left to right, Mitch Berg of Shot in the Dark, Captain Ed Morissey, me, and the Big Trunk.
It was a very fun afternoon, marred only slightly by my discovery of something I didn’t know existed: left-wing seed art. For those unfamiliar with seed art, the fair has a contest every year in which entrants make pictures or collages out of seeds. You can get a pretty fair likeness of, say, Elvis or the American flag, or even a landscape. But juvenile leftism has invaded the formerly wholesome world of seed art.
The winners of this year’s contest were displayed in the horticulture building, just across the street from where we were broadcasting. The most offensive was this effort, titled “Right Wing Pie Fling”:
The “pies,” which you can see in the foreground, are being catapulted toward an image of Michele Bachman, a Minnesota state Senator and a friend of ours. Michele is an outstanding conservative. The woman in the picture is Anita Bryant, who, after her singing career was more or less over, became an outspoken opponent of gay causes. Thus, I deduce that the source of the “pie fling” attack is Michele’s support for the Defense of Marriage Act. However one feels about that statute, it is sad to see a cheerful and somewhat goofy craft–seed art–turned to hateful political uses.
That wasn’t all, of course. Other winners included a somewhat hilarious portrait of Che Guevara.
And this sad depiction of a tear rolling down a woman’s face, and forming a peace sign. Notice the identification of the seeds used in the seed art, off to the right.
These lefty seed art entrants are easy to laugh at, and I suspect that the people who created them are left over from a long-past era of liberalism, as are the judges who awarded them prizes. But it is sad to see such a happy, wholesome event as the state fair infiltrated by the hateful currents of contemporary liberalism.


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