Who is Andrew Antippas?

In his column today, Star Tribune deputy editor Jim Boyd asserts his “responsibility to separate legitimate political opinion — and the latitude is great — from deliberate smear.” According to Boyd, our two Star Tribune columns on John Kerry’s Kurtz chronicles have both failed the test.
In our columns on Kerry’s bogus journey to Cambodia, we rely on the testimony of Andrew Antippas that the Khmer Rouge did not take the field until the Easter Offensive of March 1972. We identified Antippas as the State Department’s “Cambodia Man” at the United States Embassy in Saigon during the relevant period of time. As to our citation of Antippas, Boyd writes:

On the relatively minor point of the Khmer Rouge, Hinderaker and Johnson rely on someone named Andrew Antippas. What they don’t say is that he has just popped up, in an op-ed on the subject published in the Washington Times, the Moonie paper that has been a veritable fountain of attacks on Kerry. I have no idea if Antippas is who H & J say he is, and I suspect they simply appropriated his Washington Times op-ed as truth.

One thing we’ve learned about Boyd is that his skills at invective dwarf his skills at basic research. Ubi Libertas has posted the aptly named “Stribulations” and reports:

I googled Andrew Antippas, and it looks like he is the real thing


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