The Strib Covers Us

A reporter from the Minneapolis Star Tribune interviewed Ed Morrissey and me for an article on Minnesota bloggers at the convention.
Later, a Strib photographer came around and shot around fifty photos apiece of Ed and me. I jokingly told the photographer not to let Jim Boyd pick the photo they run. But I think they must have, as this is the rather hideous picture that accompanies the article:
On the other hand, the shot of Ed isn’t a whole lot better, and Jim Boyd has nothing against him.
The Strib’s article isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know. And while the online version of the article identifies our sites, it doesn’t link to them; nor does it contain their URLs. Extremely lame.
And the reporter cites “critics” of us convention bloggers who say that we are “self-absorbed” and prattle on about our “accommodations and internet problems.” Really. You can scroll down this page, or Ed’s blog, Captain’s Quarters, and see how much time we’ve spent talking about our hotels and our connections.
Whatever. It’s good, in any event, to see an article about me in the Strib that doesn’t slander me.


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