Anti-Americanism, an infantile disorder

Trunk and I have both posted Mackubin Owens’ piece, “Farenheit 1971,” about the radicalism of the young John Kerry. It’s well worth reading in full, but here’s the money paragraph:
“There were many individuals who returned from Vietnam troubled about the war. Some were critical of U.S. strategy, operations, and tactics in Vietnam. Others came to believe the war was wrong on moral grounds. But most did not slander their comrades using language that mirrored Soviet or Vietnamese Communist propaganda. Most did not consort with the enemy in a time of war. It was possible to oppose the war without doing what Kerry did.”
Rocket Man and I know all too well how easy it was for young would-be intellectuals of the Vietnam era to slide down the slippery slope from an anti-war position to an anti-American one (although even we did not slander the U.S. soldier). But the fact is that Kerry succumbed to this infantile disorder and has never apologized for doing so. It is reasonable to hold this against him now that he seeks to be commander-in-chief.


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