An Officer Weighs In

We have received hundreds, perhaps thousands, of emails today on the 60 Minutes hoax. We can’t begin to publish all the good points that our readers have made. One point we haven’t emphasized in our posts today is that a considerable number of military and former military men have written us to point out discrepancies between the faked CBS memos and normal military practice. This email from a military officer is typical of many that we received:

As a military officer with extensive administrative experience I can assure you that the letter you have posted about 1st Lt Bush is an obvious fake. Apparently someone took old letter head stationary and created this document to include adding the
‘th’ when such a subscript was not possible on military typewriters of the time–I know I used them.
But MOST GLARING is the omission of an ‘SSCI’ code the Standard Subject Classification Indicator code which is found on every piece of US military correspondence. The SSCI must appear in the upper right hand corner and include a subject code, the originator’s initials, the clerk-typist’s code and the date. Every official military document must include an SSCI–this officer (who most likely never typed an official document in his career) forgot to include it and probably could not even remember the correct subject abbreviation code.
ALSO ON US MILITARY CORRESPONDENCE THE SUBJECT LINE IS ALWAYS CAPITALIZED-no self respecting military clerk typed this forgery nor would they type the date


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