Democrats Seek to Profit from 60 Minutes Hoax

The Democrats are now busily distancing themselves from the 60 Minutes hoax, denying that they had anything to do with the forged documents. But at 10:29 last night, just as the 60 Minutes hoax was conclusively unravelling, the Democratic National Committee sent out an email that said:

Back in February, President Bush sat down in the Oval Office for an interview with Tim Russert and spoke about his service in the National Guard. Bush told us, “I put in my time, proudly so.” He said, “And I’m telling you, I did my duty.”
But now we know that Bush dishonored the Oval Office by lying to the American people.
New military documents show that Bush disobeyed a direct order from his commander to take a flight physical and “failed to perform to U.S. Air Force/Texas Air National Guard standards” — and was grounded as a result.
New evidence supports claims that Bush missed months of service and that he never showed up for service with the Alabama National Guard.
New evidence shows that Bush received special treatment. His supervisor wrote that he felt pressured from above to “sugar coat” Bush’s records.
And Ben Barnes, former Lt. Governor and State House Speaker of Texas, has come forward to say that he pulled strings to get Bush a coveted spot in the Guard, which directly contradicts Bush’s claim that he received no special treatment.

The Democratic Party’s email concludes with a list of “questions” for President Bush, based on the forged CBS documents and the claims of Ben Barnes. The party asks Democrats to write letters to their local newspapers, publicizing the “facts” contained in the forged 60 Minutes documents.
CBS says that it has launched an investigation into the Killian document hoax. (Of course, they haven’t admitted yet that the documents were forged, but that will come soon.) The first question will be, where did the documents come from? So far, CBS has refused to say who the source was. But we know now that it wasn’t a member of Jerry Killian’s family. So who else would have had, for the last thirty-two years, a handful of typed memos that supposedly were put in Killian’s “personal file”?
Anyone want to bet that when the source is finally revealed, it will be a Democrat? And what do you think the odds are that 60 Minutes can keep the results of its “investigation” quiet until November?


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