Caddell Warns His Party

Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell told Fox News today that if CBS’s National Guard documents are forged, “the race is over”:

Longtime Democratic strategist Pat Caddell said Friday that if documents aired by CBS newsman Dan Rather Wednesday night turn out to be forged, as alleged by experts, the presidential race “is over.”
“It would be the end of the race,” Caddell told Fox News Live. “It would be the end of the race,” he repeated.
“[Democratic officials are] so involved in this,” the former Carter pollster worried. “They have gotten themselves so involved in this issue [in] the last 24 hours that somebody’s going to, if they’re not authentic, they’re going to be blamed for it. It’s incredible to me that they’ve gotten in this.” Caddell said…”I’m trying to save my party, you know, by telling the truth.”
He said that forfeiting the presidential race would be the least of his party’s problems if Democrats are tied to any forgery scandal.
“The race is over


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