Wrong Strong/Right Strong

Yesterday we tried to track down Dan Rather’s source Robert Strong. Several readers have written to note that we pointed to the wrong Strong. At Just One Minute Tom Maguire notes (together with much else) that the New York Times located the right Robert Strong:

The Times delivers another smack to CBS from their “expert”, Robert W. Strong. Having established that the Selectric typewriter may be able to produce these documents, we get this:
Robert W. Strong, 62, was a staff sergeant in the adjutant general’s office of the Texas Air National Guard at Camp Mabry at Austin in 1968, when Mr. Bush enlisted. Mr. Strong said in an interview Friday he was quite sure that he and others used Selectrics in the adjutant general’s office. He added that he was not sure the typewriters and devices were also in the 147th Combat Support Squadron at the Ellington base in Houston, home of the 111th squadron.
“I’m skeptical that Killian was working on that,” Mr. Strong said.
Mr. Strong was a crucial source for CBS News, insisting that the sentiment expressed in the memos were consistent with “the man that I remember Jerry Killian being.”

Maguire’s update the 60 Minutes story this morning is “Can’t tell the players without a scorecard.” Maguire also rules out the Washinton and Lee professor we identified yesterday as the right Robert Strong in “Who is Robert Strong?”


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