A Woman’s View

Mrs. Rocket generally agrees with me on poltical issues, but sometimes for unexpected reasons. One opionion she has expressed that never would have occurred to me, is that the National Guard flap helps President Bush because they keep showing him in his National Guard uniform. I thought that was an eccentric view, but reader Shirley Camp agrees:

I don’t know if anyone has ever pointed this out to you, but I think every time Bush is shown in his Natl Guard Uniform, is a plus for him because he looks so cute in it. His image is very appealing to women. I think this helps him instead of hurting him. What do you think? Maybe others can opine.

All I can say, Shirley, is that you’re not alone. Maybe other readers will weigh in.
DEACON adds: My 16 year-old daugther agrees with Mrs. Rocket. She writes: “I saw the cover of this week’s Newsweek, featuring a picture of both Bush and Kerry in their old uniforms, and I totally agree with Mrs. Rocket. Bush was a definite cutie back in his day, whereas Kerry has always been kind of funny looking.” I guess I’m not wealthy enough to have a close family member who finds Kerry attractive.
Reader Ronald Nelson Brown has also weighed in with a very masculine perspective: “I like smart ladies like Mrs. Rocket! As a retired Naval Aviator, I have been amused/impressed by the constant showing of GWB in his aircraft each time the accucations are broadcast. He may be cute to many–but to me he looks fit, serious, competent and ready. Unless some aspect of the Guard services turns very negative, these shots are wonderful campaign banners.”
UPDATE by Rocket: We ask, our readers respond! And so far the response is unanimous. Every woman who has emailed us agrees that the photos of W. in his National Guard uniform are a plus. The most common adjectives are “adorable” and “cute,” with a number of readers adding “wholesome” and “clean cut.” And Bush seems to pass the ultimate test; one reader, whose name we’ll protect, wrote: “Even my lesbian associate commented how cute Bush looked in his uniform just yesterday when she passed by a TV it was on.”
A number of readers also observed that before the current controversy, many people had no idea that President Bush once flew fighter jets–a very impressive accomplishment. And listening to the Dems would lead a casual voter to think that Bush skipped out on his National Guard service altogether, a notion that is refuted by the photos of him in a fighter plane.


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