Two fine columns

Two of the best opinion columns I’ve read in the past few weeks are “Dead soldiers” by Ralph Peters in today’s New York Post and Laura Ingraham’s “A hole in one for anti-Americanism” over at Townhall.
HINDROCKET adds: Peters’ column, in particular, is a devastating indictment of John Kerry. An excerpt:

In an election year, our engagement in Iraq is a legitimate topic for sober debate. But Kerry isn’t serious. All he does is to declare defeat. He certainly doesn’t want to be al Qaeda’s candidate, but he’s made himself into their man through his irresponsibility.
If Kerry were insisting, without caveats, that we’re going to stay the course and win, while backing up his criticisms with convincing details of how he would improve our efforts, that would be fine. But his mad claims of disaster and his inability to maintain a firm position unquestionably give aid and comfort to the enemy.
The terrorists and their allies already intended to increase the level of violence in Iraq before November. But Kerry’s pandering has encouraged them to pull out all the stops. I wish it were otherwise, that our election process had more integrity, but the truth is that every roadside blast and car bomb in Iraq is meant to support John Kerry.


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