John Kerry must be the worst major-party presidential candidate since George McGovern. McGovern, however, was an old-fashioned war hero — the kind who never bragged about his military service or the Distinguished Flying Cross he was awarded for it. McGovern also stood on principle; Americans had no doubt of McGovern’s stands on the issues of the day when they voted against him and in favor of Richard Nixon en masse in 1972.
What about John Kerry? I thought as he finished his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention in July that his theme song should be Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m Going Down.” His constant invocation of his four-months in Vietnam is simply unbecoming. He is not likable, genuine, or capable of defending his public record.
As a stump speaker, he is pathetic. He is incapable of rousing even a friendly audience. He lacks a common touch of any kind. The incoherence of his positions on the campaign’s major issues has reached comic proportions. As of this moment, his campaign faithfully reflects his political weaknesses.
Earlier this month former Dukakis campaign manager John Sasso joined the Kerry campaign. Sasso made his name as a dirty trickster whom Dukakis unceremoniously dumped during the primaries in 1988 before Dukakis brought him back on board during the presidential campaign. Is it too early to suggest that Sasso is a rat with a proclivity for sinking ships?


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